Sabrina Chenoa – My Story

Sabrina Chenoa Beauty

Sabrina Chenoa – My Story

Hello Beauties,

Thank you so much for being here. A lot of blood sweat and tears have gone into creating Sabrina Chenoa Beauty and this website and I am so excited to share my world with you.

This blog will be about all things beauty and makeup as well as the side business for the beauty industry. I have already learnt some many things and can not wait to share all my tips and tricks with you all.

But I thought I would use this first blog for you all to get to know me all little bit better.

My full name is Sabrina Chenoa Lynch, Chenoa is my middle name. It is pronounced “Sh-en-owa”. I am from Lennox Head Australia, a small surf town about an hour drive south from the Gold Coast where I live today.

Now for something really random … I was not always a makeup artist. Makeup has always played a huge part in my life, don’t get me wrong but it had to share with my other passion which was snowboarding. Yep, I use to snowboard professionally. I left school when I was 17 I move to Canada to train with my two-time Olympic halfpipe coach.

My main discipline was halfpipe (that’s the one that looks like a big ditch). Snowboarding has taken me all over the world from Wanaka, New Zealand to Calgary, Canada. I was also crowned the 2013 Australian Junior National Champion in Halfpipe, Slopestyle and boarder-cross.

In 2016 I completely blew out my knee in a Slopestyle competition in New Zealand. I remember hearing my knee make the loudest popping sound. I had no idea what I had done but I knew it was really bad. I then sat in the landing crying, not because of the pain I was in but because I was 100% certain I would not be riding again for a long time.

After a very long week of tests, lots of ice packs and one very expensive MRI later It was confirmed that I have ruptured my ACL. I was on a plane back home the next day. I had my surgery the following week. The five and a half months that followed were some of the hardest mentally and physically I have ever faced. My whole life became devoted to being able to snowboard again.

I am a very organized and precise person and I would tally every single rep of every one of my rehab exercise I did so that I could show my team of physiotherapist how hard I have been working.

February 4th 2015
This was my first day back on snow after completely severing my ACL in New Zealand six months earlier.

I will never forget how excited I was to get back on snow but also how hard it was. My body was the strongest it had ever been but also the weakest at the same time. No matter how hard you train in a gym nothing can prepare you for the slopes except for actually getting out there and doing it.

For the next year I continued to compete and travel the world snowboarding with my Coach but something had changed, I was scared. After my injury, I think my body and mind were so afraid to go through the trauma of an injury again that I wasn’t able to progress at the pace that I need to to keep up anymore.

I am so grateful for what snowboard has taught me. It has made me such a strong and determined person. I am a perfectionist and will not stop until I achieve my goals. I also understand what it is like to work extremely hard for something that you want. I know that this has shaped me into the person and makeup artist I am today.

In 2016 I decided to give competitive snowboarding a break for a while. I was still living in Canada and was snowboarding. I got a job as a server at one of the restaurants in town and I also met my partner Cameron. He was also an ex-professional snowboarder due to Injury. It was really nice to meet someone that was going through exactly what I was.
Cameron and I continued to live in Canada for the next two years before we returned back to Australia in November Last year 2017.

The whole time I was in Canada I was obsessed with makeup. I was constantly researching and following all the new trends and doing anyone makeup I could get my hands on. So when we returned back to Aus I knew that I wanted to study makeup artistry.

We arrived back in Australia in late 2017 and have been living on the Gold Coast ever since.
It has now been a whole year since we got back and it has been a very interesting year to say the least. I have had one of the worst and best jobs in my life to then leave my job to set out on my own and work for myself.

I have just completed my certificate III in makeup artistry at the French Beauty Academy. It was such an amazing experience being able to study makeup. I loved every minute of it and can not wait to share what I have learned with you all.

So that’s just a small snippet into my life up until today. I am currently writing this blog the night before my website is set to go live. I have been so blessed to have an amazing team of people working behind the scenes to bring everything together.

Please let me know what you would all like me to write about next.

Sabrina xx