Are your eyelash extensions safe? Why your eyelash extensions artist is running your natural lashes!

Are your eyelash extensions safe? Why your eyelash extensions artist is running your natural lashes!

Working in a salon in a tourist location we see so many women coming in with horrible damages eyelash due to the wrong length, thickness and amount of glue used.
Eyelash extensions are an art and you need to be getting them done by someone with proper training and experience.

How to tell if your extensions are running your natural lashes.

1. They Hurt!
Your eyelash extensions should not hurt!
If they hurt it means they have not separated from your natural lashes properly causing them to be glued together. This means that when your natural lashes grow at different rates they will pull out the slower growing natural lashes. This will feel like a dull pinch and will be itchy.

2. It only takes 30 minutes to get them done
The time in which it takes to get your lashes done can say a lot about the quality and training of the person doing them. It should take at least 2 hours for a new set and at least an hour for an infill! Any less time than this is an indication that your eyelashes are not being separated properly causing them to be glued together.

3. You have been told NOT to wash your extensions
This is old information! The glue we use has come a long way and it is now safe (and necessary) to wash your eyelashes regularly! The glue is actually cured by water and broken down by oil. Your eyelids and lash line can become very oil. This is why it is so important to wash them.

4. You can see the glue
The glue should not be visible! If you can see clumps of glue this is a big indicator that something is not right.

5. They are way too long!
Eyelash extensions should not be more than 2mm longer than your natural lash. Anything longer than this can cause damage to your natural lashes. If you are someone that has very short natural lashes and gets extensions that almost touching your eyebrows … be very aware that this will cause life long damage to your lashes.

6. They cost under $50
Good quality eyelash extensions applied by a qualified eyelash extrusions artist will not be cheap. A new set will be upwards of $150 and an infill will be around the $90 mark or more.
This is one of the biggest indicators that you are not getting as good quality eyelashes.

7. Home salons
This is not always an indicator as I know of a few amazing home salons where they are qualified and use high-quality products.
In Australia, you do not need any kind of qualification or licence to do eyelash extensions. A lot girls will either learn off youtube or do a 1-day course which is nowhere near enough time to learn and they do not have any concept of hygiene, this is very important when working with eyes.

8. Your eyelash are all the same length
Do you have really long extensions on your inner corners? are they the same length as the extensions you have on the outer corners?

This is an indication of little to no training. Eyelash extensions are an art and your lashes should taper in at the inner corners and also at the outer corners. This is where your lashes are the finest and delicate and putting long thick lashes on them will cause damage.

If you think that you have experienced any of these things listed above please do your research and find a lash artist that is qualified.

Sabrina xx